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What is Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is an effective method of reaching your potential customers. More businesses are implementing Social Media as part of their digital marketing campaigns than ever before. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest all offer business services and verified accounts. This enables marketing managers to analyse their campaigns and strategically plan and monitor their marketing campaigns.


It is important to target social media campaigns where your potential customers are most likely to be spending time. Don't waste time on Snapchat if your customers are sharing posts on Facebook. Find them, make friends with them, build long lasting relationships with them and gain their trust.


Refrain from using pushy sales tactics, inspire them, lead them and keep them.  Be social rather than promotional, create unique engaging content that people will want to share, this will improve your brand and selling ability.  Remember quality over quantity, thousands of followers is good, but better to have less numbers who are actually engaging with your brand and service.

Social Media Strategy


It is important to not jump in blindly to social media marketing. Yes, lots of people can set up a Facebook page but what to do with that page is what matters.


We provide businesses with an omnichannel marketing strategy that will enable you to engage with your potential customers, wherever they are, on whatever device they are using.


A good strategy will include a full analysis of the most effective social media platforms to reach out and engage with your customers. Then implement an ongoing marketing plan that will include building relationships, engaging content and gaining appropriate leads.

Social Media Marketing Services


We provide our clients with various solutions to social media marketing. Our services range from:


  • A full digital marketing campaign which includes social media
  • A social media marketing set up package
  • Single or multi social media accounts creation and management
  • Social Media Management contracts
  • Social media one to one coaching and consultation
  • Social Media digital content creation - images, social media posts, memes, artwork, inspirational quotes, video production and editing
  • Blog creation and writing
  • Copy writing and editing for websites, articles and social media.
  • Photography services
  • E-book writing and publishing

Social Media Marketing

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