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What is Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is the way forward it not only compliments your offline marketing campaign, it is leading it. A successful digital marketing campaign will start with a marketing strategy and will encompass a wide range of resources to not just attract short term customers but to build long lasting relationships with consumers.


A website is your digital shop window and the hub of your service. You will utilise a range of methods to direct people to your hub, this can include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), online advertising, social media, blog, videos and email, using a variety of digital platforms and multimedia.


We believe in a Local Business, Global Marketing approach and together we will implement a digital marketing strategy that will drive your business forward.

How will Digital Marketing help your business


Consumer mentalities have changed, people are no longer visiting shops and making large purchases or committing to large investments without doing their research. Your customers are accessing information through a wide range of methods. Their shopping habits have changed and whether you are providing a personal service such as beauty, a supply service, a construction service or an entertainment service the journey will be similar. Word of mouth happens online, through sharing, liking and trending. Customers are viewing products online,  buying online, reviewing online, sharing online, imagery is helping people visualise the lifestyle they are aspiring too and your service or product needs to stand out or it is at risk of losing out.


Consumers will use a variety of methods to access the internet, review services and products. They may check their smart phone over breakfast or during the morning commute, they may use their work desktop computer at lunch time to compare prices, listen to a podcast in the gym, after sharing a selfie or two and after a long day, relax in front of the television whilst browsing on their tablet. At some point in the day, they will decide what service they are going to engage with and yours should be there, ready, waiting and engaging. Remember, consumers are controlling the market.


We provide businesses with an omnichannel marketing approach that will reach out through appropriate multi channel platforms to consumers along their journey.

Market Research


Before we can implement a digital marketing strategy and campaign, we will get to know you, your business and how you want your service to evolve and develop.


We will research your customer base, find out what makes them tick, where they hang out online and what their shopping habits are.


Once we know who your consumer is we can drive your business forward with an effective digital marketing campaign and monitor the progress and success of the campaign through analytical tools.



Your website is the hub of your digital campaign,  your landing page is your virtual shop window drawing people in and once inside, your content is king, holding your consumers attention, acting as your virtual salesperson or representative helping them along until they eventually click buy now or contact me. It needs to stand out, it needs to be original, it needs to be fresh and contemporary and most of all, it needs to work!


We know what works and provide our clients with a bespoke website design service. Our web design service is affordable and will be tailored for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation


You may have heard of SEO but not quite sure what it is. It is, various methods used by developers and content marketing to help your website rank higher in search engine results, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


The next time you type into Google 'where is the nearest Chinese takeaway' think about how can you get your business to rank higher. We provide our clients with on-site and off-site SEO. Find out how On The Line Web Design can get your business on the search engine map.

Content Marketing


By now you may have heard the term 'Content is King' well it is. Not only does good quality content provide your consumers with the information they require, search engines love it.


Content is anything you publish online to market your service to consumers - It can be videos on You Tube (very popular), blog posts, social media posts, images and photographs, infographics, advertisements, e-books, email newsletters, the personal profile on your Linkedin page, the content on your website and much more.


We provide our clients with services in copy writing, digital graphics and content creation.

Social Media Marketing


To reach your customers you need to be where they are. At the moment that is online, social networking on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin the list goes on. However, what is most important is finding where YOUR customers are. Don't waste time on Snapchat if your customers are sharing posts on Facebook. Find them, make friends with them, build long lasting relationships with them and gain their trust. Don't use pushy sales tactics, inspire them, lead them and keep them.


Not quite sure what to post, or where to start .. don't worry, from kick start campaigns to long term social media marketing contracts we have it in hand.


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Digital Marketing

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